Drupal Software Developers

Position Description

Drupal Geeks is seeking experienced Drupal and PHP developers to join our team. Drupal developers work alongside project managers and solutions architects to complete major and minor development work for new and existing Drupal websites.

Job Responsibilities

Drupal developers must work collaboratively with the development and project management team to complete development tasks and projects. Drupal developers are expected to meet deadlines, communicate effectively, and work efficiently.  In addition developers will be responsible for:

  • Development and implementation of Drupal websites, intranets, user interfaces, and modules
  • Configuration and customization of Drupal
  • Integration of 3rd party software
  • Analysis of clients business requirements and the development of appropriate functionalities
  • Development based on visual representations provided by graphic and UX designers
  • Complete tasks in accordance with development schedule
  • Participate in project planning/quote process with project managers, and team leads


  • Proficient in PHP, MySQL, and LAMP environments
  • Experience with responsive theming
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML, DHTML, XHTML
  • Experience with Drupal API, Form API, Field API, and Drupal 6 and 7 architecture
  • Familiarity with the top contributed modules including Views, Features, CCK, and Media
  • Hands on experience with Drupal’s menu system
  • Knowledge of how modules interact with the menu system
  • Sound knowledge of CiviCRM and Salesforce integration
  • Experience with setup and implementation of Drupal’s multi-site architecture

How to Apply

Please send us your resume, including references, along with a portfolio of any custom work that you may have done.